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I find Fiverr one of the most difficult sites to navigate [ARCHIVED]

I have used fiverr about ten times now and it’s the same story every time.

I can find someone to do some work, that’s not difficult.

To get from there to how to buy one of their gigs is difficult and stressful.

Then when often when I want to approve the work, the button is not in the email, and I have that very problem now.

Someone has just complained to me that I left him a bad review and I didn’t leave him any review at all.

I’ve asked him to send me a link so I can see it, and he says he can’t send me a link, so I don’t know how to get to it.

I came here to complain on these forums and saw someone who looked like they would be useful to bookmark for a future gig and could I find a bookmark, or favourite marker, or wish list, or anything like it that ebay and amazon and other sites to do with buying things almost always have? No, it was impossible, so I had to send him an email.

Also the VERY annoying ding whenever you type email is ridiculous. It doesn’t achieve anything, it is just annoying.

It’s obvious that one will need to use that word for any number of reasons and it is obvious that if one wanted to get around doing things the correct way, it would be perfectly easy to get around this.

So fiverr please do something about making your site more easily navigable - it can’t possibly be that difficult - maybe you could hire one of the people who are selling gigs on your site to do it for you - or in future I for one am going somewhere else, like fourerr!


Alice Harding

User friendly? Not at all!


Hi and welcome.

We are users just like you, with similar frustrations.

Please Contact Fiverr support with your concerns.


Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,

Fiverr unequivocally has such a poor user interface design! It’s very perplexing to navigate and readily understand. It’s in desperate need of a complete overhaul. Fiverr, please do something to streamline the user experience. Focus groups will quickly indicate to you what needs to re reworked.

This is from 2014. I find this a very easy site to use.