I finished 21 orders and become level 1 seller but today


i finished 21 orders and become level 1 seller in a month but today i received email from fiverr and they said that:

Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level One status. We have therefore removed the Level One badge from your account, along with the features that came with it. wtf???


Even I don’t understand why this happens?


Thats odd. I went through your gigs, and I think you should post more and better examples, or possibly a video showcasing your skills. This might get your gigs going and get you back into shape in no time!


Did you have any cancellations?


Man!! You can contact Customer Support .


Cancellations of most any kind effect your levels. It’s an automated process from my understanding of what CS told me. Aka, you have to do less cancellations and garner more positive reviews for your service you offer. Divide your cancellations by your total orders and try to aim for 5% to 9%. Obviously less is better but no-one knows the exact % needed to regain level 1 seller status.


I thing It’s could be mistake I-)


Whenever something like this happens, I always contact customer support first!


I’ve seen this happen to other people, try contacting Customer Support!


I completed 10 orders and got my level 1. Cancelled 4 out of 8 new orders when I was ill, but still retained my level. Seems the fiverr system has got soft spot on me.


Wasn’t there something about needing to have a certain amount of orders per month in order to keep your level? That had nothing to do with cancellations (although that probably affects your gigs too). I think I read something about that (in another forum; Fiverr themselves have very little information about Levels, that I could find.)