I finished the work, but buyer didn't give me a feedback!


Hello there,
I have a gig on “Create photo slideshow or videos editing within 15 hours”. Someone contact me y message and send me an order for this gig. After then he has no contact with me. I finished the job right time and my work was automatically delivered after three days. Then I contact the buyer and asking him for review my work. But still, now he didn’t get any response my message. It’s happened about one month ago.
Now how can I do?


Nothing - buyers don’t have to leave feedback.


@md_nuralam You can’t pester the buyer until he does.

Well you could, but it’s definitely not a proper way to conduct business.

I have over 1.200 not rated orders ever since I started.

You can add a short text -a friendly reminder, nothing more- prompting the user to submit a review on your delivery message.

But other than that, the user is not obligated to submit a review in order to accept your delivered files.


Yep, unfortunately many buyers simply choose not leave a review, even when they are perfectly happy with the order! I would just leave everything as is and move on. If you keep producing quality work and staying friendly with your buyers, the reviews will come. :slight_smile:


Well That is something about which you can’t really do something. You need to be patient abut that. Yes! it sounds a bi frustrating sometimes, but this is how it is. Just hold yourself, and avoid forcing buyers or to say something annoying to them. LIke “hey! i have worked so hard, and you didn’t even bothered to leave a review”

Avoid such things, as No review is better than a negative review :stuck_out_tongue:


ONLY AFTER 30 DAYS (time for buyer to come back and post a review)


@md_nuralam Don’t worry about it. Some will take the time to do it, some will simply not.

However, you can give them a little push when delivering your order. What I do is add the following at the end of my delivery message, after including any other information.

‘‘Are you happy with my work? If yes, don’t forget to complete the final step of accepting my delivery & leaving a review.’’

You can try something similar and see how it works for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for your replay @frank_d.
“The buyer just order my gig, after then he didn’t any contact with me”.
i see him many time online.


Thank you for yu replay @stcylace


well, but after he order my gig, he is not responding.
And thank you for you replay @nabz053


:stuck_out_tongue: Buyer can not be forced to leave a review …