I flagged a gig that has the description copied from mine and nothing happened


Is it ok now to copy the description of other gigs? I flagged one a few weeks ago that copied my gig description and it’s still there.

I’ve had the same description for five years and this new seller has been here a few months.

Fiverr either didn’t even check it, or they decided it’s ok for this seller to copy my descriptions.


Nothing has happened to any of the gigs I have flagged either.


It is too time consuming to actually check out all these flags to see if they are legitimate so they don’t bother to do it probably.


How about sending an e-mail instead? Perhaps then you will get their attention. You can also try to contact that seller and confront him with the fact that he copy pasted your description.


Yep, same with all but one of my copycats although one I messaged did change his up a bit.


I was actually looking at the Fiverr careers page today and they have 3 CS jobs going. Maybe we should apply and shake em all up with a bit of ‘this is what it really is to work’ freelancer bootcamp.

The only problem is, I can’t get to America until next March. In this case, you would have to apply for yourself and then next March when I get over, stage some kind of office accident or upset to get someone fired so I can take their place. - It shouldn’t be hard. We saw how they behave usually in that very banana suggestive marketing video they released.


That was such a great example of subliminal advertising.


It could be like forum flag function, at least 3 people have to flag it to be hidden. Typically, if a post is hidden on your flag, you were the third person.

If a gig has multiple flags, it’s probably goes to some “to do” list of priority where someone looks at it, once a threshold of xx flags have been received.


It could be though that in most situations only one flag is there because only one person is affected by the violation like in my case with my copied gig. This would be true in a trademark violation or most other situations where there is a copyright violation.


You should send another ticket. Happened to me a while ago, they removed their gig.


Even worse, a seller playing by the rules would only be able to flag a copycat gig once, while I guess copycats might often well be people who also have multiple accounts and could flag an original gig several times. Not so easy.


Wonder if a gig description alone is considered intellectual property?


Yes it is considered intellectual property. Anything you write is protected from being copied.


Ok thanks. So then basically you just need to give fiverr 48 hours to remove the the copy gig before taking further action.


Why do you say that?


That’s usually the standard for takedown requests. Well at least my legal rep always recommends giving 48 hours.


How do you prove you were the first one to write something?


Personally i have only taken action with stolen graphics and images, with those you often have the higher resolution originals with datestamps etc. With text lacking datestamps you would check if page source has a datestamp, if not then webcache, webarchives, serverlogs etc


What about copied gig descriptions?


I would start with webcaches and archives.
Edit: For future copycats you could take a photo of your screen with your current gig desc and put today’s newspaper beside the screen.