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I flagged for wrong reason again


One of my buyers filled a dispute because I used the delivery button and asked for 2 more days. The reason is I did this because he wasn’t online for many days so I didn’t know what to do so I did this and asked for 2 days but he didn’t message me or asked for a modification and went straight to resolution center and filled for dispute. Now my concern is he has still not asked for a modification and the order is still showing complete and in 2 days it will be marked complete automatically and the buyer will again file a dispute against me.
And this is not the first time I have used the delivery option to ask for more time and buyers have given me extra time to complete the order. I get it that buyer is new to this platform but he should first talk to me about the issue rather than going the resolution service.


That’s not what the delivery button’s for, If you need more time, ask for a time extension through the resolution centre on the order page.

If you press the ‘deliver now’ button, you should be delivering the final work. Anything else is misusing the delivery button.

Your buyer did the right thing I’m afraid.


Using the delivery option for anything other than delivering the completed work is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Sellers who repeatedly do it get permanently banned.


all this options were not there in the resolution center previously so i didn’t know any other option. everyday i am learning new rules about fiverr and terms of service. they should notify about new options in the resolution center if the are making new changes. how would i know ?


It is your job to read the ToS and follow them. I have been in Fiverr for 18 months and I believe the time extension has been in the resolution center since then.

Another route you could have taken to avoid this issue is to have contacted CS.

You can read the ToS at the bottom of the main Fiverr page.


Resolution Center was always there first of all. I am here for 3 years and it is there from that time.

Instead of that, you should read Terms of service and Privacy Policy all at once.

Another thing is that they always notify users if there are any changes on the website via all platforms. Fiverr is not going to knock on your door and will tell you all things personally.

If you find yourself in this situation, instead of taking any step, you should’ve contacted CS first and point to be noted that you are on this platform from March 2018, so I am not understanding how you still didn’t know the rules and conditions yet.

As @merciavideo said…

This is absolutely true.
If your customer is not responding, you can always contact CS, that is why they are called customer support.


This happened with me too! However buyer never reported me as he was not online and order would have been marked late. So I used delivery button and I got warning from fiverr.

Later I asked fiverr to cancel it and order was cancelled.

So, everytime such thing happens go for canncelation rather than putting yourself on the verge of getting banned


One of the first things I realized from using Fiverr is that this platform is VERY dynamic. A lot of things on this website can (literally) change overnight. This is one of the main reasons why I visit the forum on a regular basis. :slight_smile: It helps keep me abreast of all the changes taking place on Fiverr. :+1: Fiverr staff are also known to announce new/upcoming Fiverr features/updates on the forum.


Your account is from March 2018, and the option to ask for delivery time extension has been there before that. Or do you have more than one account?

By reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service every month or so. If you’ve read Fiverr’s ToS, you would have known that an ‘empty delivery’ (that is, using the delivery button to extend the delivery time) is strictly forbidden and can get you banned.


i guess i have come online on regular on this forum to know about new updates.thank you all for your answers.


You’ve had a lot of good luck. Better not play with fire and do as adviced…


You are violating an important rule about never sending empty deliveries. This can get your account banned.


I’m afraid those rules was there at least for last 2 years. And the resolution center always had “time extension” button as far as I can remember.

The buyer did the right thing I’m afraid. And in case he will contact support about this they might ban your account permanently. We saw quite a few cases like that here.