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I followed these suggestions and got sale day after

i was struggling on fiverr for 3 years, just because of one negative review my entire 3 years struggle went wrong,
i posted a question how to improve my gig and i got some one who looked my entire profile and gigs and suggested me some changes, i did same changes and got a new order in just a day after,

the summery of their info is"

createsolution (level two seller):
I would suggest you start by sparking interest with something like: “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Impress your clients and smash your competition with 5 retouched product photos.”
It’s all about speaking to the needs of the people who visit your gig. In my opinion, your value is not offering 5 photo retouch for $5, it’s about what you can do and how you can help.

jonbaas (level two seller):

Perhaps people are not interested in the kind of services you are offering.
improve your english as well.


i changed my all gigs and added some best pictures from my portfolio, i was not nonprofessional but i did not know how to express my talent ,thank you so much guys for your help

Congrats buddy… Fiverr is such a great place… well that is one reason i always give more pref to Fiverr over other freelance sites :slight_smile:

hi amitaria look i made way to level one and soon level two, thanks for your answer buddy