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I forget my fiverr security question...please help


Hello everyone

unfortunately i forget my fiverr security question. how can i solve this. please help me .

i was contact with fiverr support . they has given me a text message…but i can’t understand properly…

Eden (Fiverr Customer Support)

Jul 30, 7:12 AM EDT
Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are currently working on making your account safer by increasing the level of security and trust in your account through a phone verification process. Your security question is the backup procedure to verify your account in case you lose your phone, need to replace the phone number you verified or in case any other verification issues should arise with your account.

Seeing as this is very sensitive information, we will not be able to help you reset/recover the answer to your security question.

Please try to remember the question and answer, and let us know if further assistance is needed.

For more information about our Phone Verification process, you’re welcome to review this article.

Eden | Fiverr Customer Support
Please review our Fiverr Online Safety Tips
Fiverr Customer Support

therefore now what can i do
Shamim Hasan


TL:DR: They can’t help you. You’re going to have to remember your security question.

They’re recommending that you use the phone verification that I’m assuming you set up when you first made your account. If you don’t have that, they can’t tell you your security question.


my phone verified ok…now still problem is security question


Unfortunately no one can help you with that, not even CS. You’re going to have to figure it out on your own.


you should tell fiverr customer support something like below,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I can’t remind my security question, which is important for me. I have already verified my phone number. My verified phone number is ( type your verified phone number). Also i have this phone in my pocket. So please recover it. If you need my government id card for verifying my account then let me know, i will able to sent you.
I’m waiting for your reply.



Thanks for give me good suggest …it is a matter of sorrow that i did not get hand govt id card yet


In this case, you will need any government issued Photo id card as Driving Licence / Passport.


if i use student id card …will have any problem?


It will not work. You will need Government issued Photo id Card.


you can try to sent student id card & tell them, you don’t have gov id card yet. Hope they will help you.


Thanks for your suggest…obviously i will try


you delete your account ans open a new one.