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I forget my security question and also lost my phone no

Hey guys i forget my security question and los my phone no in fiverr. I submitted a requestion in last week but they again asking me about my phone no even i dont remmber this how can i solve thia

Talk about bad luck! So you opened a ticket with Customer Support already? If they asked about your phone number just tell them you no longer have that number.

Update your ticket. Only CS can help you with that

Good luck!


Contact customer care. You will definitely get help.

If you get a new phone with the same number, you can then simply resend the confirmation. You could confirm this is okay with CS.

It always amazes me how can anyone not know/remember their phone number. :roll_eyes:

I wonder if they also forget their names, because they never name themselves. :thinking:

Did you find any solution for this problem