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I forgot account security question answer

I forgot my security question answer.How can I solve it or get the solution?
Please help me.


If you can’t reset it the only option would be to contact support.

Best of luck.

They do so, they do not give any solution. There is no other way. Thx

Contact CS, They will ask for ID check to varify your name. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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I did a lot of messages, I did not say such a verify, what can I do now. thx

If you “forgot” your own security question answer, and you can’t produce identification to prove that you are the true owner of your account, then, you might want to reassess your use of Fiverr. Both of those “problems” are often associated with either someone trying to get around the site security, or, someone who is not the original owner of “your” account.

Fiverr has security systems in place for a reason. I would hope you aren’t one of the two examples listed above. If, however, for some rare reason, your access problems are legitimate, Customer Support is the only source for answers. We cannot help you access account information here on the forums.


Thanks you very much # jonbaas

Contact Help Support forum for further detail.

Hi, I had this issue, the problem is , this has no solution, you can’t get help from support. I tried. You MUST remember the answer. Try again and again. Contact suppost if it is impossible to try more security question again.

These replies are to very old posts and the original account appears to have gone!

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