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I forgot my security answer


Hello everyone on Fiverr, both old and new, i need your help on this, i have been on fiverr for few months now and i wanted to withdraw my dollars to my paypal account and it was not connecting until my account was blocked by Fiverr and telling me to contact support, i did and i was ask to reset my password, now this is where the problem sets in!!! at the point where it ask for my security answer is what i cant remember as i forgot to write it down so i couldn’t pass that stage.
i have contacted support but they are not willing to help me out with my security answer. please anyone experienced this before? or any advice as i need to get back to business. thank you all in advance


That’s why it’s secure? It’s nice to see Fiverr isn’t giving out passwords to any Tom, Dick or Harry to be honest.

You need to remember your own security answer I’m afraid.

Your account seems to have gone from Fiverr?


We don’t know your security answer either.

The questions are usually ones you know even without having to write them down. Like who was your best friend in school, where did you go to school, things like that.


Yeah i know, i entered what i felt was correct but i only have 3 chances before its locked again, but its not nice at least there is prove that the account is mine from phone verification and email just like other companies do…


Oh, really? It’s not nice that Fiverr works to keep their site secure from hackers? How do you forget your own security question answers? Those answers are supposed to be intimate/personal information that only YOU would know. If you don’t know the personal information that you used to secure your account, I question whether that is actually YOUR account to begin with. :wink: