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I Forgot My Security Question on fiverr what to Do?

I Forgot My Security Question on fiverr what to Do ? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

No one to help

Contact Customer Support they will need you to confirm your ID with them directly to reset the security question for you.

Link for ease:

How many day??

Why wait for a response to this question? You’re inflating your daily count. Just mail Customer Support and wait.

dear team,
kindy help me. My Security Question recover request… i was mail Customer Support 20 to 30 times but my problem not solve and no response fiverr team. i was registered compline Customer Support with in 1 day compline states mark solve you team hand but my problem is still facing not contacting fiverr team .
kindly resolve this matter.

You mailed customer support 20 to 30 times? They ignore multiple requests of the same question. Also your English is so bad you should use an online translation service to have a more clear language to ask this.

i forgot my security question answer, they said to me attach your payoneer card details but how can i …i dont have payoneer car, i want to attach my bank account details but i forgot my security answer. what can i do?

I forget my security question answer, what can I do now?

im not getting any help can you tell me how i could change the security question because i forgot the answer

Contact Customer Support if you need assistance in this area. No one here, on these forums, can help you change your security question. We are NOT Customer Support.