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I forgot my Security Question? Please any one there for help

I forgot my Security Question @Fiverr Community temporary blocked my Security Question anyone there help me out to solve this problem, Please


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As you’ve been told, contact Customer Support.


Only you will know the answer to that question! Nobody here can help you. We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

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Same situation i am facing here on fiver.

I guess you have your answer already. The forum cannot help you to solve your problem rather you should contact the Support.

No i don’t have given any answer.

Please contact with Support of Fiverr.

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Where i Attached my government id card can you send me a link?

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Hey Everyone
I have the same problem regarding my Security Issues.
I tried to change my Phone Number thats need asnwers of security questions I tried too many times and now when I gone to change my Security Questions then there appear a msg that you security questions are temporarely blocked.

What is the solution of this and now how I change my security question. Kindly help if you have any idea about this.

The reason for security questions is so only you know the answer. The entire point is to block anyone from accessing the account unless you know the answer.

So the question of how to access an account when you don’t know the security question answer is basically how do you get past security?

You need to be contact with Fiverr support team.

You need to contact on Customer Support it must be helpful.