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I forgot my security question

Hello everyone,

I didnt know when i set this security question and i’m about to make my first withdrawal on fiverr i could not remember the security question on file.

I contacted fiverr support but they are not helping issues at all.

Can someone suggest a way out for me??


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When did you contact Support?

The users here are Sellers/Buyers we don’t have the :tools: to assist you with account security questions and such. Customer Support is the only way. Response time varies, typically up to 48-hours… While you’re waiting try jogging your memory.


Well, seeing as to how you’ve already contacted them, I don’t see anything you could do. Do you vaguely remember a possible answer or do you have no clue what it could be? I can’t help you any further than this, CS is generally the only method.

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Do they ask you the question or are you supposed to remember the question?
Usually you have to remember the answer, not the question.

Contact CS, and follow the required steps
CS is the only choice

Thanks Nika.

I have tried all the possible answers and its been locked.

Thanks everyone,

I received this via mail after 2-3 days,

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with resetting your security question at this time. We are looking into your request with our Trust & Safety Team. However, this may take some time. We will follow up with you when we have further information.

What does this mean?

I think it means that your account is being reviewed by the Trust & Safety team for any potential security problems, and they may even ask you for some IDs to confirm you are who you are before changing the security question.

You must understand, there have been several attempts of hijacking other people’s accounts, even my account was hacked a long time ago and lost money because the hijacker changed all my details including the security question, so make sure you prepare some identification to present them your case.

Hi @Woofy31,

Thanks for the insights. Yes am with my ids, once they are required, i would provide them.

I see that you registered on Fiverr recently. If you haven’t cleaned form data of your browser and if you did not use something like incognito or private mode, the answer to your security question is recoverable.

Hi @striderzero, yea i started late march this year.

Unfortunately, i have cleaned my form data.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have the same problem. I try most of the time with cs but they don’t give any answer. What can I do now?

Fiverr shows you the question. Usually it’s a question like what is the name of your best friend, or what school did you go to. So usually it’s not possible to forget the answer.

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I said that recently and had sort of an argument with another forum member, who explained that, for security reasons (i.e. your friends knowing the answer to your security question), one might actually insert symbols/characters in the security answer, which kind of defies the purpose of a security answer if it’s not a simple answer for yourself to use (I can only imagine responding to “what is your mother’s maiden name” with “-Al1çia23432” :smiley: )

Or there’s something more elaborate going on that we cannot understand or see…

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Hi ,
I am facing the same issue. I tried to contact the CS but they are not responding on it satisfactorily. They advising to remember the answer for security question. Why should I contact them if i remember the answer?? Bullsh**t
I worked hard to make my profile and at the end i am loosing my reward… Aren’t they worried about customer centricity?
I am stacked and refusing new orders.

@Woofy31 hello can you help me if you know what to do with my issue?

It’s your security question - nobody can remember it for you I’m afraid.

I’m glad Fiverr takes security so seriously, but I do hope you can remember your security question and answer soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My bad luck i don’t remember. waiting for one more day or m leaving this platform! @Fiverr-Care @offlinehelpers Regret for 200$ that I earned with passion and hard work.

@fiverrteam Can you help us?

It’s not possible to reset your security answer if that’s what you’re hoping for - security is taken quite seriously these days on Fiverr after all the hacking attempts, so it’s only up to you to remember your answer, nobody can remember it for you unfortunately :confused:

The security questions are made so that the only way to forget them is if you have amnesia or something like that - they are simple questions, to which only simple answers should be set that only you know.

The purpose of a security answer is to be easy for you to remember - it’s a bad practice to choose an answer that looks like a password or that has symbols in it (never do this, because this is what happens). It should be a natural answer like you would give or say in real life. If you ever sign up on other websites, keep this advice in mind and make the answers as natural-sounding as possible to avoid unpleasant situations like this one :sunny: