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I Found 2 Buyers which seems to be Habitual Blackmailers

Hi Fellows, I want to share my recent experience on Fiver as a new seller.
I started using Fiver in May 2019 and I was good at my skills so my Gig got boosted up and in a very short time I got 10+ orders in Wordpress Development/Bug Fix.
Among them, I found 2 buyers which came up like they are actually looking for new sellers, they asked for small error fix and both of them after completing work requested for additional work and being a new enthusiastic seller I did that too and then they keep asking for it. The small work.
Whenever I tried to bring their attention towards it they came up with something to be adjusted from previously done work, they wasted almost 4 to 5 days of mine and didn’t come on any conclusion.
I reported Fiver about one buyer that he is not finalizing things and deliberately keeping things delayed, but did not got any support.
After that, It happened which was expected, the buyer asked me to cancel the order on the bases of very small matter and threaten that if I did not cancel he would report to fiver and also leave a Scammer review. (I was Super Courteous throughout Conversation)
Also, he threatened that he will report me from different profiles and he already did it many times on Fiver.
I reported the same to Fiver but being a new Seller I got panicked at the same time as I wanted to save my carrier so I accepted his cancellation request.
Same goes with other buyer he after completing work changed backend panel password and said there were errors on his website because of my work.
I asked 200 times that please confirm what kind of error but he didn’t tell because he was just making them up just to cancel the order. So I accepted that as well to just save my more time to be wasted.
Just wanted to share my experience so that other sellers could know about it. Moreover (Experienced Sellers) please suggest what to do in these kinds of situations.


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Yes, sometimes we see such buyers who try to take advantage of the cancel option and walk away with a free order. Maybe you should give the password to the buyer only after the order is completed?

No you cannot hold your service to the buyer hostage by withholding things that way. That would be grounds for a cancellation.

You can always refuse to cancel.

OP you have unlimited revisions on your top package which means they can ask for them forever.

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This is the reason I choose 1-2 revision or none for my gigs, I try to perfectly deliver and if they request something out of the scope I ask them to order an extra gig.

Hi, dear I did not defined unlimited revisions on that specific order, but the thing they were doing is that when I showed them the work is done and changed has been made on my part they tell me otherwise deliberately just to create a difference. That is why I reported him during order.

Dear it was a bug fix order so they had provided me the password, and yeah you are right these kind of buyers exists and as I dont have spent much time on fiver yet I am getting use to the clientage of this platform.

Basically I a new seller who is trying to make things good on my new profile so they know that if we harass them they will eventually cancel the order. So did they do.

We need a Revision Checklist on Fiverr. This helps us keep track of all the revisions requested vs revisions completed.

@keiracarmen yes that would be an awesome feature.

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Excellent idea, Fiver should have check and balance of buyers as well as seller’s time is also important.

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I think, Fiverr should start listening to sellers, as well. Fiverr, almost 99% supports the buyer in case of disputes. :cry:

Buddy this is the basic of all physical and digital market places, Client is always right.