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I found a Fake Japanese translator?


Hi everyone,
I’m new here, so I’m not sure if this is the right section to post this.

I just came across a user offering Japanese translation service (English to Japanese).

She claims she is a native speaker from Japan, but in her profile it says she is located in Pakistan.

I’m afraid that she probably doesn’t speak Japanese at all and just uses google translation.

Should I report to Fiverr? Does it work?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!



Customer Support said they’ll take care of it. Thanks!


They might be? I was in Tokyo years ago and found an Indian restaurant that was run by Indians. The food was pretty good and they spoke Japanese, English and whatever their language was (I’d say hindi, but I have no ear for subcontinental languages).

I am a native (British) speaker of English and I live in Greece. It is very regrettable that some people lie about their skills etc for the sake of a few dollars, but not all of us oddly-located people are lying…


Sorry to post in an older topic, but I just ran into the exact same problem.

I hired a Japanese translator who also said she was based in ************. I got my translated documents back from her, compared them to what Google Translate would have given me, and the results are nearly identical. There are tons of nuanced mistakes that a human translator would not have made. When I called her out on using Google Translate, she begged me not use Google and compare the translations. Extremely suspicious.

I can’t believe this is a problem still…

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As a translator myself, I would personally have a problem if ANYONE compared my
translations to Google, but in this case it seems like she’s not an actual translator.
You can either report her to CS, cancel the order and get your money back, or accept her translation and leave a negative review to warn others.

I’m not trying to promote myself, but if you really want to be sure if the translation is
decent or not, I can take a look.


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