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I found a scammer in buyer request

How is it possible that this user has made a buyer request for something he offers in his services? :thinking: SCAMMER
PS: Come back to this topic in 8 hours when I post the images with the proofs


No point of doing anything.

How is it possible? Everything is possible.

And why seller can not buy what he sells, maybe he is busy and wants to outsource?

It doesn’t make him a scammer. Unless he gets order then cancels order with original creator.

BR is funny section. You go there, read, and be amused.




Yes its a SCAM! Its violate the term of services and copyright.
You can’t sell a service bought by someone else and pass it off as yours, plus then raise the price, okay?

Yes, you can, that is the exact definition of outsourcing.
I do not know what is it so I can not say but sellers can buy on Fiverr and then resell what they bought.

It is not against TOS.

It is called outsourcing and it is standard business.

Why people buy for more money from dropshipping sites when they can buy from Alibaba directly?

It is outsourcing.


Yes, you can, and there are absolutely no rules against it. It’s a personal choise, after all.


Yes, not illegal to find others to do the job . That’s called outsourcing and dropservice.

Although it’s not recommended but it’s not violating Fiverr TOS

Perhaps the seller was just using the buyer request section to market their services. I spend most of my time sending offers, unfortunately I have not been able to secure any oder, and I usually come across many sellers marketing their services. Just ignore and move on to serious buyers.

Absolutely, i don’t want sell my services to other competitors

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@visualstudios @ze_blender3d @marinapomorac
Following this reasoning I could create a concert that gig a service in which I have no skills but which pays well. All I need to do is entrust the work to other sellers and make my clients pay me double. That does not make sense.
In doing so, no one would create custom services anymore and fiverr would be ruined. It seems strange to me that this type of “business” is allowed

Yes. And you would fail, because nobody would buy from you. Why would they pay you double, if that’s so easy? Or maybe a couple people would, until you got a crappy product from whomever you outsourced the work to, and your reputation and profile would be ruined by a bad review.

Being a good middleman takes skills. People, time and expectation management, marketing, communication, talent scouting, etc. A good middleman provides value. I can spend hours looking for a good freelancer, or go to somebody who takes a cut but gets me good results every time because they have a good contact list without me having to spend my time weeding out the crap freelancers. As a client, I need a product, who is actually making it is largely irrelevant as long as I get what I need.

If I value my time at, say, $100 an hour, it’s much better for me to spend $50 on a middleman to get me something that costs $25, than spending an hour to find that guy selling it for $25, because that would mean it’s actually costing me $125 instead of $50.

But hey, if you’re against that, why are you even on Fiverr? Because that’s basically what Fiverr does, connecting people that need services to people who provide them. Fiverr does no actual work for the end client, and takes a cut for the connection. You could theoretically go around the internet looking for freelancers outside any platform and pay 20% less because no fees or comission. Is it alright because it’s a platform doing it instead of a person?

Basically what you’re saying is that entire industries shouldn’t exist. Real estate salespeople, for example. Why pay somebody to sell my house, if I can sell it directly to a buyer? Why shop on amazon, if I can go to the producers directly? Why shop at the supermarket, if I can go to the farm?

One word: convenience. If you are convenient, or more convenient than the alternatives, you will be a successful middleman. But it’s not easy.


You are right, being an intermediary requires sacrifices and skills.
But to do this type of business, you have to spend hours searching the five pages for the right seller, DON’T post a trivial buyer’s request.
Also, I don’t think everyone who does this kind of work is really suitable … Out of 1000 people maybe only 1-2 are really professionals for drop services. The remaining 998s are simply scammers trying to win customers by making 0 efforts.

Yes, and those bad middlemen will get nowhere. They’ll never be successful, and they won’t make any real money, and eventually give up. But that has nothing to do with being a middleman, it applies to everything.

Sellers on Fiverr - most suck.
Drop shipping stores - most suck.

1% of middlemen are successful, just like 1% of drop shipping websites are successful, and 1% of Fiverr sellers are successful.

Btw, I think your mistake is taking buyer requests seriously. Don’t go there. It’s horrible, and Fiverr should have discontinued that feature long ago. It just doesn’t work. If I’m going to post a “buyer request”, I may as well post it on reddit, won’t have to pay fees and the quality of the responses will likely be higher.


Unfortunately, buyer requests are the only way to get noticed a little … I have been on fiverr for a couple of months and I have 400 total impressions on 6 active gigs. I don’t think I have low quality gigs than most vendors but sadly the algorithm is like this …

I also had such a bitter experience, Once I was too much :woozy_face:scared that I thought I was hacked already.

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Well its my sixth day on fiverr, I’ve 450 impressions, 4 clicks and secured two orders so far. One of them was worth 5 USD through a direct contact by a client on my gig. While another one I secured a few hours earlier is of 125 dollars. Got the order from buyer request section.

I make 10 offers a day in buyer requests but still nothing …

@tauseef_writer impressive progress what is your niche

I’m a content and copywriter. Thank you, my friend.


Try to ignore it and find real clients

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