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I found fiverr as scams 210$

Hi all!
I found Fiverr is scams, Because i work for lady on amazon and walmart store, spent 1 week to do work, and delver all data, everything clear that listings look perfect(product upload) than lady says ask to cancel order otherwise i will complain and fiverr will block my account, i says maam please try to understand why you asking lie that.
than after 2 days fiverr cancel my order even she already gives feedback and accept delivery.
Fiverr team can easily view that she accept delivery and gives feedback.

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You need to contact Customer Support about this. Open a ticket and don’t forget to attach the screenshots where she is threatening you of complaint and cancelling order.
But CS is taking upto 10 days to respond due to pandemic. So you have to be patient until their response

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Already done since 2 days not response from fiverr

Care to share buyer’s side of the story? Their profile doesn’t seem to be one of a scammer. They frequently order on fiverr and leave positive reviews to other sellers.

Anyways, customer support might take a while to reply, so you need to be patient and wait for their response.


maam i done 1 week job for her.
41 products on Amazon
41 on walmart

i don’t get them even everything is clear.

Still not response

Well, here’s what your buyer claims:

I obviously have no idea who is telling the truth, just throwing it out there to see a bigger picture.

The CS might take over a week to reply, you got to be patient.


i was the same issue with someone. I was canceled order to refund him and my Fiverr id got warring.