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I found my gig on facebook

i want to ask about something weird , i’m new here joined on october and i’ve got 4 sales , but i did not promote my gig to social media , i found ad on fb with my gig’s image how is that ?


This is not possible, try to remember have you ever share it or not @fahlem

No , i dont know how is that !

It’s sound wired to me

Does the ad actually lead to one of your gigs here, or is it an image on a FB ad that someone has stolen from you?

no , is a free ad for me :slight_smile:


How can be it is possible 🙆

Sorry I haven’t experience with Facebook, but I can give you an advice. You should always capitalize the pronoun “I”.


thank you for the advice, we born to learn

This happens. It seems that Fiverr promotes some Gigs on Facebook from time to time. Good for you that you were advertised for free!

all the best

womens are getting opportunity everywhere. Where should we men go?:rofl:

OK, this is a joke. Obviously by the laughing-crying emoji.
Seriously: men and women have absolutely equal opportunities on Fiverr.


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Nothing is weird. You are lucky enough to get featured in Fiver’s Facebook ads. Congratulations!

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