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I found people are exchanging likes on fiverr at Facebook

Amm… I also believe twitter is a good platform but quora has also many restriction to comment links, anchor etc.

Its true @miiila No need like or reviews exchanging for success. Success does not come quickly. wait some days with trust and always try to do good service.
some people sale and buy reviews, it’s not right.

  1. This is a breach of the principle of fiberr
  2. Its affects your mind badly (You can’t be proud)

It depends on how you share. because if you are providing solution for something genuine and that is belongs to your gig, I don’t think that you can get any problem. But if you spamming there, they won’t accept. same as well if you can create a blog post in which you can refer your gigs can help to drive traffic on your gig.

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So true, this reminds me of operant conditioning and how some superstitions are created.

Whatever I’m doing when I get an order I will repeat endlessly because that’s probably what caused it, right? :wink:

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