I gave a fake buyer, a fake refund


So I got a message from a very stranger “potential buyer” Hi phantom just so that you create logo animations could you create something like this -link-. I noticed that the link was for one of my intros that I had posted on youtube when I wasting on fiverr. So I told the buyer yes and I will even deliver it in less that 24 hrs. So the buyer asked me what to do now. I told him you should now place an order so that I can get started, Although a member on fiverr for a very long time he pretended that he knew nothing about how the site works. So he gave me a simple word of mouth order “I have ordered quickly send me the output” I thought that fiverr had a slight glitch where orders made where not showing so I waited for 2 hours then contacted the buyer as a reminder to place the order. He said he had already placed the order and is waiting for the final results or else if I don’t deliver he would cancel and leave a negative review. My reply was (hahhahahahahaheheheheheh uuuuuiiiiii ). Then I asked, would you also like cream and a cherry on top? Some minutes later he messaged me saying that he has canceled the order and want a full refund. So I told him, due to technical and spiritual difficulties I am not enabled to give refunds by word of mouth, but if you really need one then you have been Refunded.

But, it's Friday :relieved:

I donot understand, can someone be this dumb? :joy:


I get people too pretending they ordered from me and asking where the delivery is.


Funny thing was how he was demanding output for the imaginary order he had placed.


Maybe he did place an order which never made it through due to a technical glitch.

Who knows if it was fake it’s pretty incredible how “interesting” people can be .


Exactly, my thoughts!!


Lets assume he placed an order and it didn’t go through. He told me that he had canceled the order and now wanted a refund. If the order didn’t go through, what exactly did he cancel?


He was still trying to pretend he really placed an order when he asked for a refund.
The idea that he included a threat of a bad review if he didn’t get his delivery is the icing on the cake.


Buyers know that bad review is our biggest weakness. That’s why they always try to demand for refunds threatening about the bad review.

In other hand, maybe he has placed an order for real and it didn’t come to you due to technical issue. Once I received a message from a client saying he placed an order via PayPal but I didn’t receive any from him. He was very aggressive but I asked him to contact fiverr customer support and the Paypal. Later he came again & told me that there was an issue with PayPal that they hold the payment for verification purpose and so on. I don’t think that he lied to me because after 1 weeks time I received the order from him. The best thing is he become a repeated buyer of mine. If I’ve been rude to him at the first time, I will loose a very good customer.

So my advice is don’t be aggressive on clients without knowing their story. I know there are plenty of RUDE & aggressive clients. But we should be able to sell without getting damaged. If you want to be successful on fiverr, main thing is to be POLITE & be ASSERTIVE enough to tell them what you have to say. :slight_smile:


Hi Phantom… I want a refund too :slight_smile:
By the way… wish you more success :wink:


Please, always report instances of bad behavior to CS, it helps CS create a file on bad buyers and keeps other sellers safe :slight_smile:


Best thing it the contact custom support…:slight_smile:


Yes that’s correct. We can get rid of one bad buyer by doing that. But what if we get many bad buyers? Would you keep complaining about these bad buyers to CS?

CS is doing a great job but in this case no point of reporting about these bad buyers to CS @silkroute. What they can do is just to cancel the order or blocked the buyer for that instance only. But same buyer can create new account and come again in a new user name and harass you again. So CS can protect us upto some extent only. We have to safeguard ourselves. Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Before few months I got buyer like that too. He never ordered nothing and wanted refund. I reported him to CS with screenshot. He never messaged me again after that.


I wasn’t trying to be rude but what is termed as rude to others may be termed as ironical, funny or satirical to others. His part of the story was that he “placed an order” wanted delivery and when he didn’t get it, “cancelled the order” and wanted a full refund. I mean if this wasn’t magical I don’t know what it was. I also considered the fact that maybe he placed an order on another seller’s account and was mistaking it with mine, but if this was the case didn’t he notice that the message that asks all communication be on the order page was not there. The buyer’s account had several reviews meaning he was 2 months ago a seller so he should know how fiverr really works.


I can understand. That kind of things happen. There are many nice customers also there are many bad fellows too. So we should balance both parties when doing our work. :slight_smile: