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I gave a negative review and then the seller threatened me!

OK, so the gig by FRAGGLESROCK is called “Cast a powerful love me, lust only for me spell”. I provide the name of the person I wanted to love me, lust me and a picture as requested by the seller. When this relationship ended very permanently and badly, I gave a negative review stating so. I figured other potential buyers would want to know whether or not other buyers got positive or negative results afterwards. This is my review … "Shortly after, the relationship ended very horribly. I am sad and deeply disappointed."

This is her message back to me…

"Hello u just bought this June 10th it need time to work. Now I can get this back but u messed up by giving me a negative when u should of contacted me. Now the spirits are up roared and will not work for u ever because of negative. Remove and we can get this back on track. If not u will be ruined"

Isn’t this quite unprofessional to threaten a customer for a truthful review?

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Do not worry , She does not have any spirits :p, It is just a fake service ,

Actually it does takes time but not more then a week , Normally with in Days the feeling provokes ,

The 2nd thing I noted was that you were asked of a PICTURE , that is a bit unusual , It suspects me that you got scammed actually.

Thinking you can alter the free will of people… Um… Awesome (sarc)

Does it say in the description of her gig of how long it would take

for this spell to take effect?

If it DOES say that she needs an x- amount of days to get full results, I guess

you could have messaged her and give her an update with the situation before

leaving the negative, she might have acted differently.

Still, her response is rather unprofessional. Plus her saying that now the spell won’t work because of the negative rating ( and not having enough time or a second try) does make it sound pretty weird.

I guess people will say oh come on, you shouldn’t have bought this

"spell" gig in the first place, it’s too good to be true, blah blah,

but in this case it’s not about what the gig is about/what the buyer wanted,

it’s more about how the seller/buyer handled the situation.

Maybe you can message the person and ask her exactly how long

you should have waited???

Do you seriously think it’s okay to try to force someone to love you? That’s so messed up. And to think that a spell would actually work. Smh.

Sort of sounds like both individuals involved need some help.

stepheee said: Now the spirits are up roared and will not work for u ever because of negative.

Surely if 'the spirits' do exist, they would spend their time doing something better than causing stepheee hell for giving a negative review on fiverr. Just a thought.

(say NO to the new ratings sytem)

For testing purposes, you should tell the seller to cast a love spell on you. If you suddenly feel overwhelmed with love for them, you can alter the feedback. If not, then they’re probably fake and you should leave the feedback as is.