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I gave my email address as part of my service


Hi Dear Fiverr Friends, I gave my email address to a client as part of my service. Is their any problem will occur? Thanks in Advance.


Why did you provide your email address to a client? What was the need for it?

All communication should, as much as possible, happen within the Fiverr system. There are allowances for communication outside of Fiverr if it necessary for the service you’re offering. But many sellers have found that it’s best to contact Customer Service before they begin work and make them aware of this exchange.

You might be absolutely fine - it all depends on why you provide a buyer with your contact details.


As I told, it was part of service. Because he have to invite me on his store to start working. I always try to not give my email or anything to client. I know their are terms of fiverr where stated that I can give my email if it’s part of service. But, I want to be more clear, that’s why I posted this post.