I gave the Order completed in time, And gave the Revision in time, The buyer give no response


I gave the Order completed in time, And gave the Revision in time, The buyer give no response
he forgot to pay me or Close the order, Now there are three days from now ON, and i didnt got paid???

The buyer Word: I said nice work I did reply. !!! Order was never closed as far as I know that is done on sellers side. I can not close an order on my side…I have over 750 gigs I have bought on fiverr I know a little about this site.



Don’t worry - if it’s 3ish days since you delivered, the order will automatically close soon, and you’ll be able to withdraw your funds 14 days after that. You can’t close an order yourself as a seller - it automatically closes 3 days after you deliver, or when the buyer completes the order by leaving feedback etc.

Good luck!


1- They don’t "pay you" directly, they pay Fiverr in advance for your services and you get the 80% from that.
2- He can close the order without giving a review, that doesn’t mean you will not get any $$
3- Of course you cannot close the order as a seller, it’s the buyer who has the right to close it: accept it or not accept it. They pay you for your services and evaluate the service as well, accept it, denied it, accept it and rate you badly, wonderfully or not rate you at all.

4- Be calm, patient, make yourself a hot tea, sit down and read the TOS: the buyer has 3 days to accept the delivery or ask for revisions. After 3 days the delivery is marked as completed automatically and there are 14 days of clearance before you can withdraw any $$

Like I’ve said… everything would be more understandable if all (buyers and sellers) would take 5 minutes to read the TOS.


Thank to all… i appreciate your answers


As a buyer myself, I have to say that was not a nice thing for him to say.

First off, who cares & can he prove it.

2ndly, From buyer to buyer, this is my message to him: :rage: and :smiling_imp:


Honestly, I do not believe him and I’m almost sure that he is just lying, but it’s irrelevant anyway.


Amen to that. It would cause 80% less posts on the forum also :wink: