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I get 4 Orders Today. Did you get?

I am not getting orders from many days but today i got 4 orders.

Anyother person got order today?


maybe your gig came to listing automatically. do the job with high rating. so you can get the orders everyday.

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Best of luck… :slight_smile:

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Great Thank for this.

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Thank you so much @minimalistartis

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yesterday i got one order

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That’s really cool you all must be really good at this keep up the good work

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Nice bro… keep it up… :fire: :fire:
unfortunately i already have 31 day in fiverr… but doesnt have get first order… but i still stry to be motivated and think that it coming soon :wink:

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Congratulations and best wishes for you.

congratulation !
Actually its a hard time for freelancers specially newbies like me to get order because of corona virus. You are luck that you have got 4 orders and Best of luck Bro :+1: :+1:

Great Congratulations.

Thank you so much @chancellor357

Thank you so much @quercusbro

Thank you so much @jj_design89

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THANK YOU SO MUCH @designerjoynab

Best of luck. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much @lumi_khan

best of luck but how/

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Great congratulations @ashfaqur100

you are very lucky congratulations and wish you best of luck

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