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I get a big amount tip


My recent USA buyer left a tip


Wow! What was the price of the order :slight_smile:


You got a great customer obviously!


Well, she earned $58 all…so the tip was quite big


Yes she was great client


I was asking about the order’s price.
If the tip is $50 , so she should get $40. Rest $18 left.
So I meant to say that what is the total amount from which we deduct 20% so $18 lefts?


@graphic_beach Wow Masha Allah … Keep it up Sister & wish you for happy n bright Future :slight_smile:


Dear parachaahmer2 Main order was $23


Thank you so much ,please pray for me


yeah Sure … but also Pray For me Don’t Forget me :slight_smile:


@graphic_beach If you don’t mind can you tell me how to post anything in Fiverr Forum . Because i am first time using it and their Layout are fully changed i can’t understand any thing. So Please can you tell me?


20% of $23 is $4.6. Then it should be $58.40, if I’m not wrong.

Maybe there’s some bug :thinking:


Wow Masha allah…


I am new seller so i have no knowledge about this


congratulations wish you all the best :slight_smile:


cldisplay_seo Thank you pray for me


Well best of Luck ! :slight_smile:


parachaahmer2 thank you ,what kind of service you provide?


Congratulations. Best wishes for many more tips to follow. You are obviously doing a great job! :slightly_smiling_face:


lloydsolutions thank you dear