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I Get almost 1K clikcs in 24H

Hi. I am new on fiverr.
my account is old but i upload my gig on it 24H ago and get almost 1K clicks and views but impression are 290.But I do not get even A single order.Kindly Help&Guide me to get Orders.And how i get more impressions.I am waiting your response.You can visit my account and give me your precious suggestions.Thank You

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That’s not unusual.

Get in the buyer requests to help - and sit it out.


Have a patience. Send buyer request daily with your best match. Hope get a order soon. Thanks.

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but under buyer request nothing is showing kindly teach me further what I do???

Thanks abir1438
But buyer request are not shown till.what I do further…

That seems very dishonest.

Create more gigs. You only have one gig at this time. Stay online maximum. Aur bhai itny views aa kesy gy? :smiley:

ok i create more gigs.Bhai ye to muje nai pta main fiverr pe new hon…

Excellent .I try it very soon.Bro A lot of Thanks…

That is some slime ball stuff right there. Your account should be flagged and potentially banned for gaming the system. Plus on one of reviews you broke TOS by asking a buyer why did they leave you a 4 star review. smh


Why would you take the advice of someone who is telling you to put your account in jeopardy? You two really should read the TOS and save us the headache of having to read a future post entitled, Why Fivver banned me?


Aside from the advice that @nonibd is giving here being immoral, against Fiverr’s TOS and a surefire way to get his account banned (and with good reason), it’s also silly. Even if the social proof of a couple of fake 5-star reviews gets him an order, if he’s having to pay for fake sales, once the real orders start coming in, the sub-standard reviews will do more damage than the fakes one did good.

For any new sellers reading this thread, I can’t stress enough how bad an idea this is. Do NOT buy sales from other Fiverr sellers. It’s a waste of your time, your money and risks your account. Invest the time and effort into improving your portfolio so that people want to order from you.


Thanks for showing right way…

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use buyer request carefully hope you will get order very soon.

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I think it is a good way to get at least starting order.

use buyer request and get more order.

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Great job on the views! that means you are on a good track


Thanks for your suggestion.
I do the same

My be lets see in future

I’m So Sorry… I wasn’t knew that. please forgive me all. it was my mistake.