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I get almost no more orders

Are my gigs getting rusty?

Is this a tip? It doesn’t look like a tip, so this post should probably be moved.

I am not sure what you mean by “are my gigs getting rusty?” I’ve never thought of a gig as something that could get rusty. When not used literally, rusty usually implies that something is “off” due to lack of use. You delivered an order 2 days ago, so I don’t see what you could mean.


Of course gigs don’t get ‘rusty’; that’s quite figurative. :grinning:

What i mean is, the impressions used to be a lot better than it is right now. It seems there is kind of ‘dip’ or a ‘shift’, you know.

I think i need tips on what to do. Do you have any?

By the way, I’ve tried out the keywords and all.

Ah, now I understand. It’s pretty normal for orders on Fiverr to speed up and slow down. If you haven’t made any changes to your gigs you might just need to be patient and do some self-promotion. Use Buyer Requests to help poke things into action. If you have edited your gigs recently it can cause them to change rank or drop search temporarily. Patience and promotion are the main keys in the short term.

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That’s not the right category to share this!