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I get clicks and impressions but no orders yet

I joined fiver in 2019 December and I published a couple of gigs regarding graphics design and photo editing. after waiting about a few months I got no orders or clicks. Then I gave up and never logged in to Fiverr. But since then I improved my graphics designing and photoshop editing skills by watching tutorials and editing my friends’ photos as a hobby.

Months later Fiverr sent an email telling me that my gigs were paused due to inactivity. Then I realized that I should start up again. I deleted my old gigs and created new gigs, created my own logo for my brand, created gig videos, did some research on SEO, fiver_learn, skill tests, etc.

Now I have better clicks and impressions but not any order or buyer message. Does this happen because I was inactive for months? Should I disable my account and start a new one from scratch? Please can someone give me any advice?

If someone is interested this is my Fiverr profile link: