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I get clicks I get view I get impressions , but I never get an order


I get clicks I get view I get impressions , but I never get any order .
Plz anyone give me an advice …


Akum has 3 orders in 1 month.

I just keep promoting my gigs.
If you change tags and articles.
Usually gigs in re-review.

If you remove your gigs and create a new one with a beautiful offer.
Surely there will be people interested for you

Now ask yourself.
What knowledge you master


Agree with it

Don’t give up. Keep trying.


Have patience. Don’t ever give up.


I ll do my best thankk u


Just give it sometime, it’s good knowing that you get views, click and impressions. Buyers will come eventually. But I must mention just two things

  1. Compare your price to what people in similar niche are offering to make sure that yours is not too high.

  2. Make sure that your descriptions is very easy to understand.

If these all are done. Just be patient, you will get orders.


@hamzakaouim, if you get impressions, views, and clicks but no sales, then check your gigs and profile to ensure they are up to standards. There are many tips here that you can find and follow.

All the best :slight_smile:


@pdfhelper Hello, If you get views and impressions, its obvious that your gig is seen by the viewers. The straightforward reason can be about the attractive gig image/description/prices. I guess it might be helpful to assume yourself as a buyer and then go through your fiverr profile. I am sure you will find some reasons/stuffs that will need the modification. According to my perception, If people can view them, they can definitely pace an order.

Please let me know if that was helpful


@mrtranscendence, we are saying the same thing and you said it better :slight_smile:


Can u mention some of the tips that u said or just gimme the link if You can of course


Hay thank u but this is my profile I I tried to make some picture in every gig to get attraction but Idk just plz make an eye on it and gimme ur opinion plz


@hamzakaouim, I checked your profile but I guess you need to work more on the gig image representation. Please make it unique and attractive that it can attract any viewer at first glance.

Let me know if that helps.