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I get demoted from level 1 in just 6 days

Hello everyone,

I want to share my experience on fiver and its really heart breaking when you struggle to achieve something and after that without any mistake you get demoted.

I got level one 6 days back and now again with no level. Last night i get this warning that i have violated the rule of sharing personal information and therefore i get demoted. 5 days before, I was fixing the issue of a client and for that i need to send him my email address to have access to his shopify store. I shared that through text file. That order was complete and everything was fine. But now after 5 days fiver come to know that i have violated the rule and they send me warning. Isn’t it strange? Because the system could check it before? right? I contacted the support and they let me know that this is wrong and i can share this info on order page not through messaging system. I was totally unaware of this. Otherwise i haven’t done this mistake.

It wasn’t my intention to break the rule. If the customer service can check that i have shared the information through text file then they can clearly see that it wasn’t for my own purpose.

Anyhow now i will be get promoted after 2 months. Because my 30 days will be completed after next evaluation and therefor get promoted after 2 months. Its really disappointing.

I shared my experience so no other new seller make the same mistake.


It’s really disappointing moment, may Allah give you more patience :slight_smile:

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Ameen. Thank you for your concern.

I’m also very disappointing of my last cancellation, That lead my ranking to bottom :frowning:
I just wanna say don’t lose hope, and tried to avoid cancellations…

Yes, its also very important avoid cancellation. I got two cancellation which lead to 91% for my order completion. Although that was from buyers side but we have to pay for this cancellation :frowning:

Well, yes, don’t lose hope, move forward and make efforts.

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