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I get impressions clicks views

Dear Friend I get IMPRESSIONS CLICKS VIEWS in my gig but i can’t get more order , what i need to do

i need suggestion


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Do you promoting your gigs on social media sites

Yes i promote my gigs on social media

@tshrgood1 By “promote on social media”, do you mean just post your gig link every day telling people to buy it? If so, that I’d your problem. It doesn’t work and makes you look sketchy and unprofessional.

Social media sales are possible, but they don’t happen just from sharing your gig repeatedly and
not doing anything else on social media.


That’s true! You need to find out your target audience, from which, you can potentially generate leads. Not all peoples in the social media are intended to buy your services…

Try to get yourself active in Fiverr. Keep doing it regularly. You will get better results.

Thank’s for you suggestion

@humanissocial then how to “promote on social media”? May you please guide us

I have many, many, many, times. I’m not repeating myself. People can search.