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I get less orders in level 2 ! Is That Normal?

i EARNED LEVEL TWO 5 DAYS AGO and i saw that i got less orders than level 1 !! Is That Normal ?

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Yes, it’s normal. If it continues to persist for longer periods of time, it may be time to modify your gigs somehow. But it’s really normal to have low periods of sales.

Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

No it’s not usually how it works.

There are hot and cold periods bud. Just because you’re level 2, doesn’t mean an increase in sales.

It should increase I think. Mine did.

Theoretically due the the level change, it’s possible that it could increase. But the hard work doesn’t end.

My sales completely stopped when I hit level 2. But I raised my prices a bit, and in retrospect I think I did that way too soon. So I changed my prices back to what they were, so we’ll see.

Sometimes you get busy like hell in 1 month, then next month you sleep all days. It’s normal and i can’t explain why. Still mysterious in Fiverr

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Don’t worry it’s normal. it will increase in future. keep your response speed and deliver on time rate over 97%