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I get level 2 today and a small tip for you


After 3 month joining Fiverr, I just got Level 2 today. My resources are mainly for webmasters.

My small tip for you is do you work at quick at possible. I set all my gig Express Delivery gigs (delivered in 24 hours). In fact, I deliver the jobs within 6 hours and always get positive rates from buyers.


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks for your comment. I also checked out your gigs. That’s great. I may be your buyer in the future. I need something to spice up my webs to attract more buyers as well :slight_smile:


Agreed. I have so much repeat business because I’m quick to deliver and also easy to communicate with.


I get a lot of repeate orders too, which is really nice! I have my express set at 2 days as I do proofreading. It does annoy me a little though when someone orders 8 gigs to proofread a whole ebook, around 16000 words for instance and then wants it done in 2 days! Been a few late nights for me when people do that, lol! My only issue is that although you have a queue of orders you don’t get any extra time added. Does that make sense? When you say 4 days to do a job but then you get 5 orders on 1 day, you have to complete all 5 in 4 days, which seems a little illogical, it’s a queue for a reason. Anyway little rant over. Delivering early is definitely a good tip if you can do it, and I have many times and it always reflects good on you


Quick delivery will impress the buyers and they always give you best rating, resulted in more and more sales


Great tip


Quick delivery is must

sometimes I deliver in less than 10min


I try to deliver as soon as I can. I normally do all my ‘worky’ stuff in the evenings so anything that gets to me before 10pm is done that same night :slight_smile:


you got to be careful not to rush your orders as it may not be as good of quality as long as you can do it quick with the same quality then yes its a good thing but some of my gigs take time because it has to be good