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I get lots of impressions in my gig but I get orders rarely,help me to fix this

this is my best selling gig ( best selling mean this is the gig I only get orders but it get orders rarely tell me how to improve my gig and my fiverr profile… I created packages, created a custom photo, logo, and updated the description. I did this to hope to get more buyers but still struggling to get orders please help me . Thanks!

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You’ve got 3 orders in the queue - well done! :slightly_smiling_face:

Whatever you did obviously worked!

Not sure why you’re asking for help to be honest - some sellers would give their right arm for an order queue! :wink:

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No my friend the 3 orders are previous one which are buyers not completed by them and those buyers are gone I contacted fiverr customer support to cancel those orders ,I’am really seeking help here

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Ah - thank you for explaining! :slightly_smiling_face:

The gig title ‘I Will Do Awesome Realistic Product Illustration As You Wish’ - I wouldn’t be sure what the ‘as you wish’ bit means - do you need it there, or would the title be clearer with something else or without it completely?

Yeah my friend you are right I see something wrong in the title .please advise me to fix that and inform me other errors in this gig too

Are you saying that those are old active orders that have not been delivered and are extremely late? :open_mouth:

Because if those are orders that have not yet started counting down, they would not be listed in your order queue – because they aren’t active orders yet.


yeah I mean its extremely late because the buyer requested modification without explaining it to me and the buyer is not online since last year so yeah its extremely late mt friend

Since last year! Those orders are late since last year! :open_mouth::astonished:

Oh my.

yeah my friend and also I got one order which is not started yet but in the gig it shows as a active order, so in the gig it shows there are 3 active orders but all of them are not going to get completed because buyers are not online I contacted them so many times but still no responce

The lateness is, I’m afraid, entirely your fault. If a buyer requests revisions, but does not provide additional details… and then disappears. just redeliver the original file and be done with it. You should have done this months ago and completed the orders. Those buyers clearly aren’t interested in any kind of revisions.

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so my friend what should I do now ,please help me

First of all, please don’t call me “friend”. I don’t know you.

Second, there’s nothing you can do. The damage is done. Just redeliver your original delivery, and end the order. Those buyers aren’t coming back for revisions – not if it’s been months since their request.


yeah you are right and can you look at my profile and give me information to improve my gigs to get more orders
link is below

:joy::joy::joy: OMG hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

okay bro how about buddy

please can someone help me in this shitty issue

You’re not a new seller - you’ve been around the site for years. You’re being unpleasant now, which isn’t good.

Why not have a read of the forum before you start being nasty otherwise nobody will want to help you.

You don’t need to call other users anything - no bro, buddy, dear etc. is needed.

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Iam not being nasty hear so how should I fix this issue,I did as the @jonbaas said and the previous orders are gone I want to improve my gigs and get orders again because of some reason my rank got level 1 which is in level 2 and when I ask fiverr they said its because of lack of orders in my profile so I want to get my level 2 back I think theres something in my gigs that needed to get fixed and improved

Maybe you could ask CS what they could do to help you? :sunny:

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I submitted my offer to the CS hope they will reply soon