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I get message saying order is complete but its a note saying more time is needed?

Seller says 7 hours more but its been 3 days without communication. My order will be marked completed in 3 days. I have requested a cancellation to possibly hire another Fiverr to complete this job, but it looks like its up to the seller whether to cancel the order or not??? Has anyone dealt with such an incident, I’d like some input please.

You can request cancellation, unless you approved of the order being closed, you can negotiate it. And try to communicate with the seller please, 3 days are not that much, maybe there’s been some issue in his life or he lost internet or got sick? I couldn’t access fiverr once, almost 2 days, because of internet issues. :confused: It happens. But yes you can refuse the order delivery, it’s up to you. :slight_smile:

you can send cancellation request or modification request to seller.

you can do it with mutual cancellation, then you will get your money back.

if seller does not respond on mutual cancellation, then after more 2 days you will get back your money.