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I get no orders, not even messages

Hello, fiverrs!
I am new on Fiverr and I have 1 gig for now, but not orders.

Any tips or maybe telling me what could be wrong with the gig? I know competition is there, with good reviews and stuff, but I hope new gigs have their chances also :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and stay safe!


you need to be very patient,you are only here for 1 month. Some seller didn’t get their first sale for many years.( not kidding) . You can put up more gig, like different services or similar services to reach out to more buyers. (max. 7 gigs). You need to have unique yet high-demand services for people to purchase


Thanks a lot for taking time to answer! :slight_smile:

Hello @sweetglue. I am new too and today I had my first order, it is still waiting from the buyer to accept it so I do not know will it be my first order :D.
I started with the Fiverr as a seller 48 hours ago.
My process was first looking for others who are selling/offering the same or similar thing to me.

I checked how they present the GIG, images, thumbnails, description, tags and I made a note about all of that.

Then I created my GIG title (on paper) and put it in the search bar as the buyer to see what will come up.

Then I used the concept of another bestseller to make my description, but I also made it my own unique. I also put on paper what can I deliver for how much, realistically. And then I decided about the price ranges.
I kept all my GIGs starting with 5$ since I am new and not verified. After that, I clicked on MORE (seller account) and I checked buyers’ requests. it is F5 pressing marathon.
If I notice that request that interests me has low offers I apply, fast, but still I take time to read requests. if the buyer mentioned his/her name I make sure to start my offer with the name of the buyer.

And I have some generic message ready that I modify as per requests.

Make sure to remember that you only get to offer 10 times per day so make sure that if the request is not something you are interested, do not apply for it.

Leave it for something else. And then when it is close to end of the day and reset of the offers you apply on all, do not waste offers, just to get clicks and visitors to your GIGs.


Thank you for the detailed “strategy” @marinapomorac
I will give it a try! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your order and with all your gigs! You are such a nice person, you deserve the best :slight_smile:

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Thank you @sweetglue, I want to help. And if you are going to draw thumbnails and photos for your gig yourself, I suggest you use a vector program like Inkscape that is free. You are drawing the same as in Paint. Still, the difference is that the quality of your image is excellent, and if there is something you want to change or correct, you can easily do it since everything you draw in the vector is “layer” and can be modified separately. I was drawing in Paint/Photoshop for soo long, until 2012, and then I switched to vector, and it so much better.

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firstly you need patience for take first order.
secondly you might promote your gig that is the best way to get first order very quickly

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