I get only orders in three gigs but others are not getting any order yet!


I gets only orders in my three gigs but others are not getting any order yet! :disappointed_relieved: I was wondering that what’s the problem in my other gigs! Also their impression is very low… same is always! Is there some who has experience like this! I need some useful tips to overcome it. Here is two gigs i have been trouble with,


Try to optimize your gig.
try to change the keywords make sure your title contain one keyword which will add in keyword section
In my opinion this is good if you are getting orders on 2 to 3 gigs


If you are getting orders on old gig and want to also orders on new gigs then don’t worry you will also get orders on new gigs since when buyer make an order on old gig then fiverr also show your remaining gigs in the bottom if buyer like any service on new gig then he will make an order on it.


Yes I did …Thanks for your information…


I hope so buddy…but i create them log days ago!