I get sales only from buyer request not from gigs


I am MidoDesigns and I have completed more than 60 orders here on fiverr but I mostly get orders from buyer request so my gigs are not generating any sale.
Any suggestion?


Here’s something I’ve noticed. I’ve had some buyers contact me directly in my inbox without having to send buyer request to them, but then when I check on buyer request I see they’ve posted a request already with some offers. So it could just be they’ve looked at your gig, decided to order from you before you even sent an offer. Anyways, as long as you are getting orders I don’t think there’s much to worry about. Promote your gigs and keep sending top-notch offers that buyers can’t overlook. :wink:


Thanks a lot.
Just another simple question.
How to send these top-notch offers? Can u give me an example?


If you get sales from buyer request that means your offers are good. Make sure you understand the request, personalise your offers, explaining what you can offer and why you are the best person for the job.