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I get some problem on my account

about a week ago ,I get a bad reviews on a clients I dont know why she give me bad reviews . after my gig is down in search .I find many way but its not in search on fiverr . and my order complete rating 89% science 7 days . but I do 10 project but its 89% is not increase any number. now when login fiverr some time show me this message

what should I do now , my account ls active , but I do not do any thing that show me this account notice. I am very dedicated on my fiverr life . also a full time doing profession. my account is vey important to me. anyone help me to solve this problem. anyone please help me

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Don’t worry the message is a display bug, almost everyone has it right now. Search the forum


Thank you so much to tell me that I am so much Afridi to see this

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Check out this topic: “The user account you are looking for is no longer available” [Resolved] - #10 by kumartapos

This is just a bug. It’s happening to everybody.