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I get tons of impressions and views, but no orders. why?

i have a gig, in which I draw people by picture. I added it just a few days ago, with quality pictures, a good description and cheap extras.

at the moment, I have about 600 impressions and 100 views, and 7 clicks, but 0 orders. I have advertised myself in all the ways I know-

I posted all over my social medias

I drew some famous people so they retweeted me

I told everyone

Even my mom got so proud, she posted me on HER facebook.

but I still have 0 orders. how do I get people to buy it?

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Perhaps you should put more examples of your work on your fiverr page. People like to see what you can do. Also, I think you could have a better description for your gig; the word ‘simplistic’ to me is not a very positive word; you could use a more positive adjective.

Also, you need to give it more time; you only joined fiverr this month and it can take a while for people to notice your gig. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Try to update your gig as much as you can.Upload new awesome examples.Change the description,continue posting on social pages and promoting.Try to read something here on the forum too.And just wait.Be patience.This is very important.Good luck and have a LOVELY day!!

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Hello buddy!

I think that you have bad portfolio pic.
Sorry but this way has no chance.

First of all change portfolio pics. - Share in your gigs portfolio pictures like “before/after”. People want to see what did you draw from this - to this.

I create gigs - and earn 500$ in 15 days. Why? Because I learn how to sell the best of the best. I find their weaknesses and suggest something better.

Just analyzes the best. try to be better than the best.


and second - if you want to be illustrator - try to buy graphic tablet - wacom or etc.

drawing from hand and mouse in photoshop - timelosing ))

Hi buddy!
Fiverr has an amazing option of uploading pdf files directly to your gig, you can also put a safe link to your linkedin profile and show all your works there. Also consider the fact that not a lot of people would pay every day to have a drawing of their faces, you should encourage them by telling them that it can be used as a gift for someone (mother of father or teacher…) this will also help your gig to be posted on Fiverr’s special pages for special days (father’s day, 1st of september 8th of march) they change the sliders during those holidays. Also, you can start selling and shipping already printed photos which will be more fun and profitable, you will also get shipping experience in case you want to start your own website and sell printed posters online.

Best Regards


@accountbank Hovik has great tips but I definitely recommended you follow:

accountbank said: telling them that it can be used as a gift for someone (mother of father or teacher...) this will also help your gig to be posted on Fiverr's special pages for special days (father's day, 1st of september 8th of march)

Tell them this can be used as a “Gift” or for Profile Pic, maybe put that in the Gig Title?

Print one, give it to your Mom, post her happy Facebook post and upload that as a sample?!


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Another question- do you think if I uploaded a speed art of me drawing, with fun music, will it help me sell? Fiverr tells you video-fied gigs sell more, but I don’t know how much that counts towards drawings.

A few things…good for you for trying to make some extra money but a few tips as you enter this adult world…

Take out “teen”, people want to buy from someone they feel is professional. instead simply say, you have 3 years painting experience or whatever training you have. (how old are you anyway, can you even be on here selling, how would you get paid being a teen?)

Also, leave out that you use an iPad. I think anyone who knows about graphics wants to believe that the work is being done in Photoshop or Illustrator, so just say what kind of file they will get, for example a 72 dpi, JPEG file or whatever resolution you will give them.

I agree remove any word “simplistic” and make your title pop like some others with better words. Then add more samples, either two on a page, and also include a before/after so people can get some idea of your accuracy.

Also, check out the competition. It’s a big marketing world out there, need to see how you stack up. Look at gig descriptions, profile write ups and sample photos. There are a ton of graphic/cartoon character drawings, go search and look through them. SEe what kind of videos other sellers are using to help determine if that would be an asset to you. I think some of these other things I am sharing are also effecting you.

good luck to you.

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How can i give examples of my work on fiverr? I prepare Astrology / Numerology / spiritual healing reports (which can be anywhere from 15 to 30 pages long). Furthermore, my clients seek privacy and do not approve of their personal readings to be put online in portfolio. How do i go about it then?

I am also fed up with the fact that everyone here wants advanced mystical / astrological services for only $5 and do not respect the time, effort, knowledge and hard work i put in for hours for each report. I find this $5 base price for each gig an exploitation of my services on here.

About the video ting - doesn’t work. I have 2 gigs with videos and I’m still stuck with 0 orders, so… not helpful.

@sincere thank you for your reply. this is a highly underpaid platform and not just mild but severe exploitation of the kind of work i do. i am also aware there are many amateurs and not so professionally trained people who claim to be astrologers and healers here. this is why maybe some of them can give absolutely cheap services at cheap prices with generic reports, copy pasted off the webs. I tried all the extras and custom offers which you have mentionoed, but it has not worked for more. Every single person has told me they cant afford more then 5 dollars or they cant afford at all.

My conclusion is this so far: This platform is not for a person like me who is an Advanced Practitioner of Occult Sciences / Vedic Astrology. On here, I do not even get paid 1/50th of the price for a number of my services…that i offer outside fivver.

Can anyone suggest where else i can go for a better platform to work on?


@nogash02 I agree that updates and continuous promotion helps, and I especially agree that you should give it time. But I do think you have to sell what you can a bit better. Not many people just randomly need a picture of themselves drawn, but maybe many people need children’s book illustrated or animated pictures for marketing purposes. You get my point?

@faridjilani Hey, whatever works for you, but I just want to say that I am a certified professional business coach with bachelors in Management and 2 years of experience and Fiverr has been one of the best lead generation platform for my business. I provide a lot of value for $5 initially and then I have even more value to provide, so people return and pay more. What I’m saying is that there may be a way for you to utilize Fiverr’s huge client base.


Hi. I also have problem to get order since my English is not good and I not good in promoting my fiverr. Please help.


@fonthaunt complaining is my natural right. whether i post many ads or not is not spam, that is my natural right as well. how i find the end results, and how i respond to them is also my natural right. If you are a fiverr fan, good for you. No need to act holier then the church!

@fonthaunt All my complaints were legitimate and everyone can see the reasoning behind them. Am i the only complaining here? You speak on behalf of fiverr authorities by making bold announcements when the fiverr administration cannot respond themselves, your opinions are biased anyways. So i will not consider them. Thank you.

@fonthaunt why i am staying here is for reasons which you do not know. And for reasons that you do not know and the fact that you do not know me in person either, you have no right to talk about me, my intentions or my motives like that.

And i will complain again whenever i find something to complain about. If you cannot bear the criticism, then ignore my complaints. If you are jealous of my ads, i cannot help you. May God help you! I design my ads each day from scratch. My ads are not just for fiverr, i am using them else where as well (including my website). So your stinging comments against someone protesting or complaining for a better service or fair policy / opportunities are nothing but biased behavior. I shall politely ignore you from now on.

As for when i will leave fiverr, which i surely will, that is for me to decide, not my critics who wish to drone down any man or woman who has the guts to criticise for the sake of improvement