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I give up - I'm creating a Gig to help ******* people use my **** [Other Marketplace] account

Hello my friends,

I’ve only been here a week or so but what I thought was only spam all day may actually be people in need that we can help.

The only emails I’ve gotten since joining Fiverr, setting up my profile and demonstrating my 20+ years of online web dev and SEO experience is emails all day every day from people from China who want to use my Upwork account (I don’t have an ********* [another marketplace ] account). And they’re offering to pay me something like 100 to 150 a month plus commissions and bonuses.

So the only emails I’ve ever gotten on Fiverr are these emails. I began rethinking this and came up with two great ideas.

  1. These poor guys maybe really need our help.

  2. I could make bank helping ten or more of these guys a month. I’ve already gotten literally 15 separate people requesitng this help.

So here’s what I’m doing. I’m replying to these messages like this:

"This is so interesting. I was thinking about creating a gig to do exactly this! I get requests for this many times every day so I think I will be a rich man! Thank you.

I would like to give you my checking account number and my social security number and my other ID numbers to make this easier. Where should I send you this information?"

So it turns out the several days and dozens of hours I invested in setting up on Fiverr may not be the opportunity cost loss of helping other people who really want my services.

Thank you for enriching my life Fiverr and giving me an amazing ROI.


Mod Note: Country/region reference & other marketplace name removed.


Is this about Fiverr not working out for you or a rand about the spam messages we all get? :slight_smile:
You can’t demonstrate here when your gig starts at $795. You can’t live off Fiverr, because this is not where people come to buy $800 services. There’s a good reason they called it Fiverr and your plan failed the moment you created the account with thousands of dollars in mind :slight_smile:
I’m not saying you should settle for less, even if you are a professional. I’m just saying that a true professional can support himself thru own websites, contacts gathered in 20 years of experience.
Apply for Pro Verified, maybe?


I hope this is a joke. Do you think Fiverr would let you rank well in a gig promoting their competitor? Do you think you’d even be allowed to use the word in your gig and discussions? The answer is no.

Anyway, these messages you’re referring to are scams. They aren’t looking to do legit business with you.


Do you have any idea how many people come to Fiverr claiming to be expartz at whatever?
If you objectively look at your profile, you will see that the only thing that sets you apart from the spammers you repeatedly complain about is that you are from a western country and speak better English. That’s it. There is nothing to back up any claim you make about your experience. I am not disputing your experience but I would certainly be hesitant to order due to you having no reviews.

There are multiple things about your gigs which would cause concern for some buyers - one of which being that you need admin access to sites etc. I understand why but for the average small business owner, one thing they will have been told by their developer is to not give that to anyone.

Finally, I see you are offering hosting - I am 99% sure that is against Fiverr rules so I suggest you talk to Support about that.


If you are not being sarcastic, you might as well just empty the contents of your bank and throw it in a river.

It seems more like you are becoming upset that Fiverr isn’t working for you. I get why that happens, but raging against the machine is futile and doesn’t address the real reason you are not making sales. I started out offering ebook formatting. I branched out into writing and video. I have had gigs which never sell and some which sell like hotcakes. I have others which used to sell well but now just gather digital dust.

At no point does just sitting waiting for something to happen result in anything but the anger barometer going up a notch.

As for whether there really are Chinese people banned from using Upwork, the simple answer is no. Upwork is available in China and even if it wasn’t, Chinese people are quite adept at using VPNs. The needing access to your PC to use Upwork is just window dressing for massive botnet and hacking collectives involved with everything from money laundering to human trafficking.

When people message you with a Sino freelancing sob story, just say no.


Yeah, and I’ve lied on LinkedIn for 20 years too.

A website is a website. SEO is SEO. A woman is a woman. A car is a car. A house is a house…

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I applied for Pro a week ago. Fiverr didn’t even reply.

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I know–It’s a joke to let off some steam and frustration at my Fiverr message inbox which Fiverr can’t figure out a way to filter from spam crap.

I’m just having a laugh at Fiverr and this situation.

If I ran Fiverr I’d require all messages sent to service providers to be sent via a form which required the sender to select the skill sets they need from the service provider, as well as a budget range selection required, and a project title and general project description required.

Done. Professional and no more spam email 99%.

Are you listening Fiverr?

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It can take a while to hear back. Some had to wait months for a reply.


Agree to all the above. Just having fun, venting and making the BS public inside of Fiverr so maybe they’ll see it enough that they’ll so something about it one day.

I’m not talking about Fiverr doing something about Chinese Upwork scams I’m talking about Fiverr seeing enough people are tired of the BS that they do something about their spam-a-pa-looza messaging system as I outlined in another response here–which would be easy to build and would solve 90% of the spam.

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WOW! What a joke this is turning out to be as a place to earn extra income.

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Nowadays, I wouldn’t be so sure… :grimacing: So it would be better not to write this on stone.

Anyway, regarding the sacmming messages… Against the vice of asking, there’s the virtue of not giving.

Just reply “No”, report and block. It will only take a few seconds of your life.


I knew you would take what I said that way which is why I specifically said to look objectively at your profile and that I wasn’t disputing your experience.
Look at your profile from a buyer perspective and you would see what I mean.
There are thousands of sellers (who don’t have your experience obviously) offering services that sound similar or the same as yours for a fraction of the price and have multiple reviews as social proof of their services. That is what you are up against. Why would you be chosen based on what people can see and verify about you?


So true. I’m pretty sure my ex was a demonically possessed financial terminator sent back in time from the year 2040. Calling her a woman is just insulting for women-folk. :wink:


Thank you for the thoughts and wisdom.

That’s a lot! But I get more people than that every day asking me for things I don’t do too. Not really spam but just useless messages. It goes with the territory.

We have inboxes anyone can access and send any type of messages they want to, which is the only way this site can work.

Getting useless messages is part of working on fiverr.

OP you could set up a pre-written reply to all those spammers if you like. Or just click the report button.

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Cy, don’t make me speak. Pleasssse. :zipper_mouth_face:

I don’t want to get flagged as always. I have already enough flags. :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


You’re most welcome.

It’s not your fault if you don’t earn money here, it’s fiverr’s fault! :crazy_face:

OP I’m being sarcastic. Really, it’s up to you to make this work if you have the determination and patience for it. It may not be the right venue for someone who has your skills, talent, and experience.

I’m sure that eventually you will hear back about your Pro application and probably be approved.


And that comment is a bit of an insult to those of us who do this for a living, and those who make good money offering their skills to others. Just because Fiverr isn’t working for you, doesn’t mean it isn’t working for other sellers.