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I give up on fighting the Star Rating B.S

I’m done Nobody really cares,Only one used the Icon I made.

I’ll set back until the real shit hits the fan. when all the "SUPER"Top Rated Sellers Lose their 100% ratings then the real game will begain!!! Ya This will never go away.

The time is close.Cant wait to see it.

I don’t know how you can think I’ve not been deep in the struggle?

Fortunately, most serious protesters for change don’t give up so easily.

I thought we were all going to organize a day to suspend our gigs all at once?

I am doing my level best to let fiverr know it is the bad system. It seems fiverr members are just reading what we are saying, and not confirmed yet what they will do.

For my featured gig, where this star rating was activated, and i did get 3 different rating (luckily full5 stars). From last 2 and half days i am getting all thumbs UP ratings and no stars.

It seems either fiverr holds the star rating due to so much fire-back by community.

Or there is another theory shared my friend that buyers who use mobile app have no access to rate with stars.

SO it is not clear yet. But as for me i am doing my level best and so does others.

Put together a Fiverr union. I’ll join.