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I give up on fiverr with the product I am selling

I have written six e-books and of course I am only asking a five spot for each. Since they are in e-book format I can digitally deliver them through fiverr, or so I thought. This has now happened two times. My e-book format is a stand alone program in a .exe format.

Two weeks ago I got an order and within one day sent my e-book on raising bees to the buyer. I kept getting error messages and my e-book would not go through. I sent it three times with same problem. So customer said send as pdf. I was leary because it could easily be copied and resold. But I sent it any way. Now the customer could not acknowledge that he got it. I went back and forth with him and fiverr support. By now fiverr software said I was late and to ship my e-book. All support would say is send it again. Or send it and take a screen shot and send them that to prove I sent it. They could not or would not mark the sale as sold. All they have to do is open my order page and read the conversation. I went through three support people.

Now I was getting suspicious of the buyer. Some of the things he said made me wonder about his intentions. I did some investigating (I am an ex-cop) and he had hired a fiverr artist to do a bee keeping e-book cover. By now he already had my pdf version. So I confronted him. He was planning on giving away my e-book for free to all his customers. He “said” he thought he could do that. BS, he knew he was stealing my work. I told him not to give away my book and what do you think he did? HE CANCELLED THE ORDER and got a refund! This was several days after the fiverr software branded me a bad seller all because their software has problems accepting and transferring a .exe program.

I have since deleted all my e-books and will be a buyer only until I can come up with a gig that is not saturated on this site.

As I said to you elsewhere, peanuts and monkeys.

First problem is you’re trying to upload and send out an .exe that I dare say isn’t digitally signed, so even most browsers won’t allow it to be downloaded, let alone anti-viruses, that’s your first mistake. Secondly, unless you’ve copyrighted/trademarked your work the buyer can do whatever the hell they want with it, as stated in the Fiverr TOS and I quote:

“Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page. Note: some Gigs charge additional payments (through Gig Extras) for Commercial Use License. See our “Ownership” and “Commercial Use License” sections below for more information.:”

Thirdly if you want your eBook “protected” (this isn’t 100% foolproof either) then your best bet is to use something like Amazon or Adobe, who will apply their own unique DRM but then that is just as easily decrypted, I know this first hand, LOL.

Bottom line is, eBooks are always going to be pirated, the only real thing you can do is copyright and trademark them and if you catch someone, either send them a DMCA notice to remove the content from their site or file a lawsuit, if you can be bothered with either?

I don’t know why some sellers don’t take the time to read the TOS.
Attached is an excerpt that is relevant to one of your issues.

Yeah I knew there was a more elaborate explanation of the term in their somewhere? :slight_smile:

But muuuuuuuuuuuum! The TOS is so booooring!

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Maybe the buyer was the guy in the copyrighted profile picture you “borrowed” and he figures he traded you his pic for your book.