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I give up on Fiverr!


Seriously! I give up on Fiverr. When I joined Fiverr 2 months ago, I came in here with high hopes that it would give me a good chance to provide some good service to some people out there. Well I had a couple of orders in the first week, with all being successful except for one which was a stupid nigerian scammer. After I refused to do extra extra extra orders for him for free, he left me a nice big fat negative feedback. I contacted Fiverr, submitted a ticket, never heard back from them. Submitted another ticket, never heard back from them. Came in here in the forums and posted my situation to get some support , never got anything from the forums. I contacted support for the third time, never heard back from them. I have had much more luck on the other sites which are alternatives to Fiverr. Im not sure what is going on with Fiverr. Customer support is invincible or dead. Its funny how I only recieved orders on my first week here and then all of a sudden it all stopped.

Im serious, what is the deal with Fiverr? Is it over crowded? And whats up with support? Even I could answer technical questions alot quicker. Why not give me a job with Fiverr? Im sure I would be a great help on the support team. I would respond quickly and provide answers for problems. Nahhh right, Fiverr knows what their doing,… right?

And please, Sheriffs, please dont come in here and lecture me on how I should have done this or how I should have done that. Read what I have posted above. I have done my part, I have submitted my tickets. Fiverr CS are the ones who have to wake up and smell the coffee… Honestly people, Im not longer going to be on Fiverr any more, there is so much more opportunity on alternative website and the customer support is very active as well.

Goodluck to every one out there. The only people in here who seem to get sales are either the top sellers or the very beautiful women on here. Goodbye!


That sucks. I’ve never dealt with CS (thankfully), but I’ve heard some horror stories.

Someone in the know might correct me here, but I think Fiverr is quite understaffed. They rely a lot on volunteers, rather than having a specialist help team on hand all the time, similar to the kind a bank has. That may have changed though, so I can’t say for certain.

Do you plan to continue on a Fiverr rival site (I won’t mention names)? Or are you done with the whole Gig business altogether?


In response to joethorn, no I do not . From the time I posted the post yesterday to the time now, I have recieved gig orders on the alt with no problems whatsoever. I posted this in here in hopes thats a Fiverr CS would contact me . I even resubmitted a fresh ticket with a link to this post so they can see it in hopes that when I came back a CS would respond to it. No luck . I think at this moment I will just not take Fiverr serious. I just cant. There is no support, especially not in a timely manner. I would be more than happy to help them out, but in order for that to happen I would have to be helped first with my issues. I know I am not alone on this. Kjblynx Im not trying to trash Fiverr either, but Im not going to just sit here and wait forever either. I am sure you understand. I am not anti-fiverr.