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I got 1.2 review, so I can't apply for buyer request.Please any one help me!

I got 1.2 reviews, so I can’t apply the buyer request. Please, anyone, help me! To apply the buyer request, I need a 90% positive review. What can I do now? Please help me or suggest to me. I’m disappointed.
Here is my profile :

You will have to complete more orders with Five star ratings in order to get 90% + Positive reviews, Please kindly have patience. You can advertise your gigs in Facebook Groups and related field of yours. Good Luck.


How can i get order? I can not send buyer request.

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Have patience Sabbir. I don’t know what happened with the last buyer as you had five stars reviews previously but if it concerns about your work quality, you really need to improve it first.

Promote the gig that has five star and again have patience.

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You will have to promote your gigs. If you come up with customer queries you can ask them to buy your gigs if they require your service. Over time you will do good don’t worry.

I got my job from buyer request. Now i can not send buyer request for bad review. How can i’ll get new order?

You have to be patient.


I’m afraid you will have to figure out the ways to get an order, after all you are calling yourself “seller”

People already gave you suggestions to start doing marketing which looks like you decided to ignore.

Unfortunately nothing else we can do for you, you will have to get more orders to improve your stats and you will have to figure out who are your clients and where to find them.

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Mr. Brother. don’t worry about the past & work hard for the present & future. To get the success, you need more & more improve your gigs quality & need much more promoting your gigs on Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, IMO, What’s up, Google Plus & so many media. So best of luck for future Order :blush:

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