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I got 1 star from my buyer

Honestly I delivered what he ordered for. he ordered me for $10 to promote his bitcoin website and youtube to increase subscribers. And I did what I promised him. Please help me out, how can i reach 90% rating again.

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@shivathmaj1 Thank you. I will ask him now and get back to you

No don’t! That’s against TOS and it will get you a warning. I suggest you read it.

Remember a review is about a buyer’s experience, not yours.


That’s bad advice as you could get a warning for it. Just let it go! As you get more 5* reviews you will eventually go back to *5


Christina instead of asking what was my fault ask him i will help u freely tell me how can i help u

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@jake_hopkins. hmmm, thanks a lot

sorry for that :frowning: i dint knew this.

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@urdeke Thanks. I appreciate it greatly


@shivathmaj1 Maybe it’s best to stop giving harmful advice and read the ToS.


@shivathmaj1. Don’t worry is nothig

iam really sorry everyone i was helping i did not know that yet really sorry wont happen again

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Don’t worry, it happens to all of us, Fiverr sometimes goes against common sense so the best way to stay out of trouble is reading their terms of service and reading other’s experience on the forum can help too.


Don’t get disappointed. It is hard to please every buyer. I request you to try and figure out how to deal with difficult clients. Feel free to share your experience and we will share our experience too.

@nafishasan Thanks alot.

Did you actually increase their subscribers? If so, did you state how much the increase would be?

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Yes I increase his subscriber! But I didn’t state how many subscribers I will give him.

So if you didn’t define the scope or how this project you delivered would be deemed successful (and by what metrics) how do you expect your client to value your service ?

Manage your client’s expectations before they place an order.

Clearly define by what metrics the project will be a success.

You can’t just arbitrarily claim you helped someone by adding a few unverified subscribers. It’s not 2007.