I got 10% Cancellation Rate because of one Buyer


He ordered 3 times the false GIG. So not 3x5$. 1x5$+1x5$+1x5$ and I had to cancell all 3. Now I got cancellation rate of 10%. I want to get to lvl 2 Seller. Everything else is perfect 50 sales in first month and 100% positive rating. What do you think, will I get LVL 2 despite 10% cancellation?



Yes we did. Oh is that so? I didn’t know that


If you and the buyer agreed to the cancellations, then it will not affect you in any way.


yah its very annoying. buyers dont even read the gig title or description purchase the gig and then ask for cancelation. I hate it.


I’ve had that before, the same buyer cancelling 2 orders in 2 days. It won’t affect you reaching Level 2 if you mutually cancel the order


I just had someone order one of my gigs and then this was in the instructions:

"Hi, I have 1 very simple task(you need 1 minute max) that need help with so hope you can help me out!

I would like to help my friends donation campaign to boost his enthusiasm without he know that Im helping him :slight_smile:

You just need to go to: http://www.*****.com, and send 2$. After you complete it, you will get awesome 5stars review from me + 2$ profit.

Please let me know when you make donation so that can chat and ask him hows going with donation.

-if you can’t help me with that for any reason,please just click on request cancellation and will ask someone else Many many many thanks for your help!"

Didn’t know this was a thing. Anyone else have to deal with this? I realize if they accept the mutual cancellation then that’s cool, but even mutual cancellation can mess with your placement on the site and all that. Anyone think I should go to Customer Support about this?


Update: I sent to CS to be safe and they promptly cancelled the order with no ill effects toward me.


Reply to @theslackjaw: A few people have gotten this ‘order’. It’s good that you reported it.


If you cancelled order in a mutual cancellation then it won’t effect your rating. Many buyer order a gig without reading a gig description & it happened to me as well. I have clearly mention in my gig description contact me first for a quotation but they ordered me a gig without asking me a single question.


The good news is that your cancellation rate is invisible to the buyers. Only you can see it. If I click your gigs, I see you have 100% positive rating. As one of your reviewers wrote, “Super Arbeit!” Great Work!


If im not wrong, i did see the cancellation rating shown if above a certain %!

But i suppose around 50 or similar, is it?


Okay guys thanks for the tips. Then I will wait a couple of days more to get my lvl 2 seller badge :slight_smile: