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I got 1k impressions in 3 days

Hi everyone today I’m going to teach fast secret method to get impression and view very fast.

first check my fiverr gig

1.Search the relative key words of your gig. Ex if you create logo design search key word of “logo” of your search box. After that you can see the suggested key words people recently search. Ex - logo design , logo animation, logo minimal etc. Then replace your keywords with same keywords like these.

2.Replace you uploaded picture name with search suggested key words

3.Put some clear and attractive image to your gig

4.Share your gig on google+



In my opinion, only 1 and 3 help with impressions. 2 and 4 are just pointless. I am pretty sure you would have gotten 1K impressions in 3 days even if you wouldn’t have done what’s mentioned in 2 and 4.

  • Using a keyword as the file name for one of your gig images is not going to do anything at all. The file name of the image is only used for identifying and uploading the relevant file from the file source (your device) to Fiverr’s server. It is not used for any other purpose that might influence your gig’s visibility.

  • Google+ used to be a social networking site. It was shut down a few months ago. It DOES NOT exist anymore. So there’s no point in advertising your gigs on a networking site that does not exist/no one uses anymore.

Congrats on earning 1K impressions in 3 days. Impressions are kinda important. That’s the first step. You’re on the right track. :+1: :smiley:

However, the conversion of your impressions into clicks/views and their subsequent conversion into orders (also known as conversion rate) is MORE important than merely having a huge number of impressions.

Let’s take an example of two Gigs: Gig 1 and Gig 2

Gig 1 has 100 impressions and 5 orders.

Gig 2 has 10,000 impressions and 1 order.

Which gig do you think is more successful? Obviously Gig 1 (because it has a much higher conversion rate than Gig 2).

There’s no point in having a billion impressions when there’s no one placing an order on that gig, right? My point is that the success of a gig is not determined by the number of impressions it has but by the % of clicks/views that are converting into successful orders (conversion rate). So, I suggest that you pay more attention to your conversion rate. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :sunny:


The number of sales is more important than impressions.


Congratulations dear… Keep it up.


hanshuber16 thanks for you review…

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cherboub thank you very much

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thank you very much kinjn

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good answer and clarification :+1::laughing: