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I got 2.7 star rating on first order

hello, I just completed my first order with a terrible 2.7-star rating while it was all buyer’s mistake . What can I do?


How was it the buyer’s mistake? Please, share your story.


What is the background to why the order went wrong?

If the buyer has demonstrated abuse, threats or manipulation then you could ask Customer Support to review the order.

If on the other hand the order simply went wrong because the job couldn’t be completed satisfactorily or there was a breakdown in communication, then there is nothing you can do to change their feedback. However you can respond to the feedback to give your side of the story. In the same way that their feedback will be available for everyone to view in future, so will your response. Word it very carefully.

I can see your buyer wrote “I still can not get the signature to work in my email. I will hire someone local to fix it.”. This suggests either the coding or the communication between you and the buyer was difficult?


Doesn,t matter ,do your best & try hard to next


I haven’t received any orders yet. Looks like I won’t get any orders on Fiverr.

I delivered what buyer wanted but it was the issue of her email client that my design was not working well

No you will get be patient,Fiverr is a good site ,you just give your best soon you will get order

I am waiting for that moment. I can draw good cartoon portrait. I am confident that my gig will choose by other.

work hard bro…You will get there…good luck

Don’t worry bro. Forget it and focus on your skills

This happened with me as well. My first buyer didn’t give me a good review. But the next buyers are really happy with my service. Actually things really vary from person to person. Don’t give up, have faith in ALLAH, and trust yourself.