I got 2 order many time ago after that i didn't any order


After many days ago i got 2 order then after i din’t get any order why ?

Please give me some tips to gets more order.


Have you tried social media promotions?


Don’t Give Up & carry on your working. Try to improve your GIG Image, Title and Description regularly. Do SEO of Your Description, Keywords, and title.


No i don’t promote yet


Thanks for your good advice


“Also got quite a good grip in managing social media accounts as well.”

Don’t think this sentence in your profile description comes across as very professional and may put buyers off. Best just to stick to what you are really good at. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


i am also not getting orders please help me :frowning:


I have not thought about SEO for my Gigs? Do you think I should give it a try?


SEO is the most necessary part while making the gig. You should do it as
soon as possible.


SEO is the most necessary part while making the gig. You should do it as
soon as possible. :star_struck::star_struck:


Go to the buyer requests section. That’ll help to get you started with some reviews on your gigs. After you’ve got around 10 reviews, you’ll start to notice that people will start to find your gig without you needing to go to the buyer requests section.


Here are some great gigs that you can use that will promote your gig:


If you want help you need to make your own post under the category “Improve My Gig”.


What!! So you offer this services and yet you are asking for help on how to get order. You are just so funny


I wish I could say that this is a rare occurrence. I have been here since April and only frequent the forums on my slow days, and I must have seen 20 “marketing experts” who promise that they can increase your views, and manage social media, and help your business tons, and then they come on the forums and whine about not being able to get orders and what they could do.

They either can’t market worth a booty shake, or they don’t quite get that Fiverr is a business like all the rest of them. Businesses need to be marketed, and if they can’t figure out how to market a Fiverr gig, you should never buy from them. Ever.

But marketers who can’t market are about as common as the writers who can’t write or the logo creators who can’t create logos. It’s way too common to find people who just buy a few thousand business card designs on some website and then sell it as a custom design for money. This is just too frequent.


@lloydsolutions Thanks for your good advice i will definitely change it


yeah Thanks a lot…


i am facing the same problem although i have been sending requests on daily basis!! can you please tell me how to get the gigs at first place??


check and request in buyer request everyday.then your gig impressions increase and you will have more orders.

with my experience,try it.NEVER GIVE UP


Thanks for your guidance.I will never giveup